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What To Do To Maintain Healthy Eyes

Your eyesight is precious, any damage is irreversible so maintaining them and keeping them well protected is extremely important.

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Keeping your eyes healthy and maintaining them can be done in many ways, and one of the most important ways is the food you eat. A healthy well-balanced diet helps you stay at a healthy weight, lowering your odds of diseases like diabetes which is one of the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment in the UK.

Wearing sunglasses in the summer is a given, but its also recommended to wear them whenever you go outside in the daylight as there are still harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Too much exposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays can boost the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration. In general, it is best to avoid going outside without a pair on sunglasses during the times where the sun is at its strongest, around 10am until 4pm, depending on the time of year of course. Water, snow, and sand are also highly reflective surfaces with around 80% of UV rays and sunlight reflected off these surfaces penetrating your eyes and skin for a second time meaning sunglasses are just as important in the colder months.

Cutting down and eventually quitting smoking has fantastic and important benefits that can keep your eyes in much better health, according to research which was published by RNIB smokers are twice as likely to lose their sight and suffer from vision issues in their later life than non-smokers.

To find out more on ways you can protect your eyes and keep them healthy, come to one of our stores and speak to a member of our team. 

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