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10 Facts About Your Eyes

Most people know how eyes function, however there are many interesting facts about eyes that you may not know!

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Most people know how eyes function, however there are many interesting facts about eyes that you may not know! Here is a list of 10 facts we thought we the most interesting:

  1.  We produce over 1 litre of tears every year! This is to keep our eyes lubricated and doesn’t include tears produced when we cry.
  2. An iris is unique, just like your fingerprint.
  3. Our eyes are the equivalent of a 74-megapixel camera. Once the brain has processed the image, we can see a level of detail that would be the same as a 576-megapixel camera if one existed.
  4. The retina is one of the highest oxygen consuming tissues in the body.
  5. The human eye can see at least 2.3 million colours; however, some research suggests that we can see up to 7 million.
  6. The surface of the cornea is the quickest healing part of the body.
  7. On average, we blink around 13662 times every day. Using a computer for long periods of time can reduce the amount you blink to around 10350. Blinking less may leave your eyes feeling dry and tired.
  8. It is estimated that 8% of males are colour deficient and perceive colour differently.
  9. The retina is made up of photoreceptors called cones and rods that enable us to see colour and detail, and in low light. We have around 6 million cone cells and 100 million rod cells in our eyes.
  10.  Your pupils can change size due to different emotions, for example anxiety can change the size as a fight or flight response.

Our eyes are incredible and are the second most complex organ in the body after the brain, however they are also incredibly precious. We only have one pair and it is important to ensure we look after them, which includes keeping up to date with your regular eye examinations, and taking care of your general health.

Contact your local MKO today to book your eye examination, and include OCT for a more in depth exam.

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